Goals, fundamental thoughts and conditions

Our environmental policy is a confident attempt to create a long-term environmental work for a better society to live in. We believe that there has to be conformity between business development and the protection of our environment. Our environmental policy influences the whole production process from input to output and follow up. Our most fundamental strategy is to only develop and produce products of high quality that we stand for and that last. Further you can read more about our concrete strategy and our environmental work.

Our strategy

In order to get a favourable development of our society we all have to think about, and act in a way that benefit our environment. At ACITO we have developed a concrete strategy for our environmental work. Some of the concrete actions that we have taken are:

• We only develop and produce products that we stand for and that last.
• We offer you a large number of materials to give you the option to choose the material to fit your company and your needs best.
• We take environmental issues into consideration in all the decisions that we make.
• We work active with concrete environmental goals, evaluations and follows ups and apply them on our specific business.
• We keep our employees environmental know how at the level required to carry out a constructive environmental work.
• We keep an active dialogue with suppliers as well as customers regarding environmental issues.
• We regularly receive open and objective environmental information from reliable sources in order to keep our knowledge updated.

To care about our environment is of special importance as an actor in the plastic business, a business that traditionally is regarded to have a negative influence on our environment. By following and implementing our strategy mentioned above we hope to contribute to a more persistent and worthy society for us all to live in. Such a society benefit both today's and future generations from. It is also an essential assumption for the development and future of our company.

All products classified as Toys are tested according to EN 2009/48/EC