Acito AB support CCF foundation

Acito is fadder to a boy in Thailand Pipatpon Zasen borne March 13, 1993

Pipatpon parents have a piece of land that is sandy and located in an area unsuitable for farming. They plant rice on it for a living but their harvest is never good. They also spend their free time after finishing farming working as wage earners but such jobs are rare while wages are very low. Their region's average of us dollar 280 and their small earnings are never enougth to feed the family. They have two children. Bouth are just small children and need food, clothing, medical care and educational support for their children's needs as a result of poverty. The two children may become malnourished and will have no chance to continue their education in the future. The prodject, therefore assists their older child Pipatpon by providing him with such basic needs including educational support. Pipatpon is now attending a primary school. He has one sister. The two children and their parents live with their four relatives in a one-story wooden house located in a remote village. Their religion is Buddhism.