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Material and Reclamation

Floorball is a sport that is putting heavy pressure on the material, that’s why the strong rules of SP, is strictly followed by all producers of certified equipment. Acito’s shafts made of PC and glasfiber material is controlled and approved by certified producer.

Because of the characteristic of the game Floorball which is a ruff game like ice hockey sometimes floorballstick gets broken. The stick could be exposed for pressure and stress and the pc shaft glasfiber shaft only manage to be bend 60mm (IFF rules) than it breaks. This because preventing players to get hurt if they should for example stumble and fall on the stick.

If the pc or glasfiber shaft will be used in other ways than playing the game for example smashed in the floor, goal or rink the fibers in the stick will be stressed and sooner or later give in and shaft will break.

If reclamation occurs on Acito PC or glasfiber shaft we always forward the product to Certified producer of the shaft for control to get there professional help and judgment in every individual matter.