About Acito

Building ACITO AB, your friendly sport/toy manufacturer. Located in southern Sweden, only 20min from Denmark, an ideal location for the European market.

We want our products to get people off of their comfy cushions and move around & have fun! Whether they're for professional use or a group of friends doesn't matter, they work for everyone!

ACITO AB is a trustworthy export company with great ambitions, carefully selecting our business partners for a tight and good relationship. From experience throughout our years, we've learned that the best way to introduce our projects to the market is with the great help from professional businesses that share the same spark that we have.
We continuously research and develop new items for sports, making us a very attractive choice for a business that strives to be ahead of the curve.

New business cooperations and partners are something that we're always greatly interested in and we'll gladly discuss eventual associations with you.

Team Acito